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Re: Install from FreeBSD

On Tue, Feb 01, 2000 at 09:52:58PM -0500, Roland McGrath wrote:
> > Is it possible to make the hurd filesystem from FreeBSD?  I'd like to
> > try out the hurd, but I really don't want to install linux first. 
> The other answer is that the Hurd supports the ufs/ffs (BSD) filesystem
> too.  (It was the Hurd's first filesystem, in fact.)  The bad news here is
> that the ufs filesystem has not gotten nearly as much maintenance and
> testing as ext2fs in the last couple of years.  The format supported by the
> Hurd's ufs filesystem is compatible with older BSD filesystems, and last I
> knew it had no problem with FreeBSD filesystems, but I haven't kept track
> of the BSD changes in some years and there may well be newer ffs format
> features that the Hurd doesn't fully support.  The good news is that the
> ufs filesystem has not gotten nearly as much maintenance in the last couple
> of years, and it was fairly stable before I started breaking everything
> else.  Note that running a BSD fsck on a Hurd ufs is a bad scene, unless
> you really, really know what you are doing (i.e. use fsck without -p and
> know when to say y, know when to say n, and know when to run).

I tried once to install Hurd on a UFS partition, but since I didn't have 
FreeBSD installed I had to use one of the rescue disks from the 3.0 
distribution to make the partition. I was able to unpack the tarball on it, 
and GRUB was able to boot the gnumach from it. However the ufs.static server 
failed to recognise the partition. It's possible that I have not created the 
right type of a UFS partition or that the format was too new. If you can by 
all means try installing it on a UFS partition (choosing an older format would 
be best), and maybe report about the stability of the filesystem server.


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