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install from FreeBSD

Someone posted a message asking if I had successfully installed from
FreeBSD.  I lost the message, so I can't reply directly.
Yes, I installed it successfully.  I actually used a combination of Linux
and FreeBSD. First, I downloaded a one-floppy Linux distribution called
tomsrtbt.  I booted with that and used it to create the ext2fs filesystem,
because I had no luck finding out whether I could do that from FreeBSD,
although I suspect it can be done.  It's very important to use the " -o
hurd" option when creating the filesystem.
Then, I compiled ext2fs support in my BSD kernel by adding "options
EXT2FS" and recompiling.  This allowed me to mount my newly created hurd
partition (mount -t ext2fs /dev/whatever /gnu).  I then downloaded the
hurd tarball from within FreeBSD, and moved it to the hurd partition,
where I then un-tarred it.  This created another gnu directory, so I had
/gnu/gnu/*.  What I did to fix that was  "cd /gnu/gnu", then "mv *
..".  Now I had /gnu/*, which is what I wanted. 
I then booted with grub, and followed the directions from the link on the
hurd website on how to get it going in single user mode.  From there, I
ran the native install script.  
And that's it.

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