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Re: make install over the Debian package

On Thu, Oct 14, 1999 at 09:11:51AM -0700, Brent Fulgham was heard to say:
> > It installs executables and libraries with debug information; I
> > consider that an advantage.  It also installs profiling libraries
> > which don't exist in the Debian package; those might cause
> > problems later if I install a newer Debian package and they are
> > left on the disk.  Anything else?
> > 
> I've been wondering about this myself.  Since the Hurd is in such
> a changing state, I wonder if there is any advantage is building
> all of our libraries and executables with debug information
> present so that we can easily get useful information about a
> failure without first having to rebuild all the components
> in question.
> Anyone have an opinion?
> -Brent

  Maybe the hurd source package could build -dbg versions of the core libraries
which have the debugging symbols compiled in?  Eg, hurd-dbg, lib0.2-dbg, etc.
I notice that there appears to be a libc6-dbg (and libglib1.2-dbg, and
libstdc++2.10-dbg, and...) for the i386 port, so there is precedent :)


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