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Re: an important task

On Thu, 29 Apr 1999, Thomas Bushnell, BSG wrote:

> I don't know whether anyone is working on this yet or not but...
> It is pretty important that we make it possible for people to install
> Debian GNU/Hurd without having to first intall GNU/Linux.
> Is someone working on this?  Is there a volunteer willing to take it
> on?

I believe the plan is to compile a base set of the HURD that can be
installed via  tar zxvfp gnu-xxxxxx.tar.gz  onto an ext2  partition. Once
the system is expanded onto it, the user can boot the HURD from there
(with a GRUB floppy) and then use the HURD's native packaging system
(dpkg) to handle the rest of the installation.

This should be trivial for modern Linux distributions but will require
some elbow grease if you plan on making ext2 partitions from say.. 

--Michael Bacarella

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