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Re: Recommanded installation precedure? (was: Re: error in ldd?)

On Sat, Dec 26, 1998 at 01:35:10PM +0100, Matthias Pfisterer wrote:
> It seems to me that there is a general problem. As far as I see, there
> are two entry points for people interested in Hurd:
> 1. the FSF Hurd page. It has a link to the hurd 0.2 binary distribution
> and states that there will a Debian GNU/Hurd distribution upcoming which
> is not already completed. So this leads people to installing the
> outdated 0.2 release.
> 2. the Debian GNU/Hurd FAQ. This points to the 0.2 distribution and to
> the GNU/Hurd Hacker's Kit (GHHK) with also saying there will be a
> gnu-0.3 from Debian. The GHHK look like some randomly assembled pieces
> wich also are already about half a year old. So this seems also result
> in an old system.

Yes. Both are true, but coming from a different perspective. The firsat is
the "official" thing, that is, for people who expect something "working".
The latter is closer to the internal state of development, "cutting the
edge". Note that glibc 2.1 support for Hurd is only a few days old.
> On the other hand, there are many packages for hurd on the debian ftp
> site and this looks as to be the actual state of development. But I
> found no clear documentation on how to install a Hurd system from these
> packages.

I am currently in progress to document my bootstrapping process. How long
are you subscribed to debian-hurd? You should take a look at my mails from
the last two weeks and the deb_{install,remove} mails.

> So the question is: What is the recommanded installation procedure at
> the moment? I think we should document it on prominent places so people
> interested in Hurd will be pointed to the actual state.

There is no rock solid way currently, as we are experimenting with different
things. We are right now _working_ on the installation procedure, you could
say. But we already have many information so everybody can figure it out. It
is especially nice if you have a Debian GNU/Linux system installed.

Definitely take a look at the mailing list archive:

here are some worth looking at:

Also look for the latest deb_install script here:
> I will do this, that is updating the web pages and FAQs, hoping you to
> give me the necessary information.

I am only reporting the various steps to this list. If you want to take them
as a starting point and put some together to a complete guide, be my guest!
There is also a web page by John Tobey, where he does summarize my steps
(http://people.ne.mediaone.net/jtobey/inst.html). Jeff Steinberg does a great
job with the deb_install/remove scripts. Thanks to everybody and keep up the good


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