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Re: Recommanded installation precedure? (was: Re: error in ldd?)

> Yes. Both are true, but coming from a different perspective. The firsat is
> the "official" thing, that is, for people who expect something "working".
> The latter is closer to the internal state of development, "cutting the
> edge". Note that glibc 2.1 support for Hurd is only a few days old.

As one of the arbiters of "official" for the Hurd, it is my opinion that
the workingness of the "working" vs the "cutting edge" is such that the
official statement at this time should be "you don't want it unless you
want to hack, in which case you want the cutting edge".  I would rather see
more people clamoring for and volunteering to help with making debian/hurd
a viable reality, than installing (or attempting to install) gnu-0.2 and
suffering the common bugs.  At this point, I think gnu-0.2 is a useful
collection of binaries (the binaries other than gnumach, libc, and hurd)
for hackers to bootstrap building debianized worlds, *after* they have
gotten the current "cutting edge" mach, libc and hurd packages installed.

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