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Re: deb_{install,remove}


On Thu, Dec 24, 1998 at 05:28:29PM -0500, Jeff Sheinberg wrote:
> The latest versions of deb_{install,remove} are attached to this
> email.  I hope I got most of the bugs out.  I had some fun when I
> removed mount, login, reboot, umount from my running system.

Ouch! I hope you could recover easier then me :)
> I am a devotee of Foghorn Leghorn, who "keeps his feathers
> numbered for just such an emergency".


> # Create `name.list' file from tar listing:
> #    1. remove object of symlink -e 's/ -> .*$//'
> #    2. remove trailing "/"      -e 's/\(.*\)\/$/\1/'
> #    3. add leading "/"          -e 's/^/\//'
> dpkg-deb --contents ${file} | colrm 1 49 | \
>   sed -e 's/ -> .*$//' -e 's/\(.*\)\/$/\1/' -e 's/^/\//'  >${vldi}/${name}.list

sed is also cool! This is great, as we can use this script under hurd
natively before we even have perl or dpkg :)

> if [ -e ${vldi}/preinst ] ; then
>      mv ${vldi}/preinst  ${vldi}/${name}.preinst
> fi

Let's use a loop here:

for f in preinst postinst shlibs          # etc
   mv ${vldi}/${f} ${vldi}/${name}.${f}

I will take a look at the remove script tomorrow.

Thanks for your work with this!

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