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newbie, want to volunteer


my hurd system is running! (after taking me almost a week of installing

Since the concepts of hurd made a great impression to me, I now think
about volunteering in this project. I wish to hear from you which help
is most appreciated. Here are my ideas/skills:

- I took some look on the sources of Hurd and GNUmach. They shouted to
me: hack me, hack me, hack me! The Unix-hacking deamon in my soul awaked
and responded: Yes, I will, I will, I will. But I think I do not have
enough knowledge of the system to immediately start hacking it. Perhaps
somebody has a small programming task for me in an undangerous area of
the system, so let me know.

- On the other hand, most obvious to me is the lack of documentation in
the Hurd project. It took me quite a while to find all necessary doc to
get the system running. After all, almost all information I needed was
available, but it was distributed to several places and sometimes
outdated. I think it would be of great help to people wanting to try out
the Hurd if there were an installation manual also explaining the basic
administration tasks. Enabling more people to try the Hurd easily will
lead to more people finding errors and perhaps solutions and also more
people doing some programming work on the Hurd. Since this will speed
the development of the Hurd, I consider good documentation very
important to this project.
So I think I will start to improve the documentation, if not you guys
tell me that some other task is much more urgent.

So please tell me what work is needed.


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