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Re: gnu-hurd-faq

Edmund GRIMLEY EVANS wrote:

> Can anyone explain what the following, taken from
> http://www.corridor.com/~sfavor/debian-gnu-hurd-faq/gnu-hurd-faq-2.html#ss2.6
> means?
> > ... Note that the Unix kernel we have implemented is just one Really
> > Big Mach program (called a single-server).
> >
> > The Hurd, on the other hand, breaks the giant Unix kernel down into
> > various Mach programs running as daemons. ...
> What is the "Unix kernel we have implemented", apparently contrasted
> with the Hurd?

This refers to the (proverbial) single server kernel previously mentioned in the
same paragraph as opposed to something that "we" the Hurd developers have

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