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Re: libc6_2.0.106-0.1_i386.deb is released

> Does anyone know of a free implementation of pthreads on mach?  If one
> exists, would it be a good place to start?

I don't know of any, and it probably would not be so much help anyway.  You
can glean the methods of doing things in Mach from cthreads (aka
hurd/libthreads).  More of the work has to do with libc than with Mach.
The pthreads implementation should be merged with linuxthreads, yielding a
single pthreads implementation for glibc with (hopefully small)
OS-dependent portions for linux and for mach.  So, the starting place for
anyone who wants to work on it, is cthreads + linuxthreads.

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