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new maintainer administration [was: libc6_2.0.106...]


[I'm blatantly ignoring James' Reply-To, because I think that other
people deserve to hear about the fine job that James and company have
been doing.]

>>>>> James Troup writes:

 JT> Gordon Matzigkeit <gord@trick.fig.org> writes:
 >> (due to administrative problems involving an out-of-date PGP key
 >> and my pending registration as a Debian developer).

 JT> [Sorry, if I'm being a bitch, but I'm getting sick of our work
 JT> being dismissed as administravia when the problems are not even
 JT> our fault]

I did not mean to implicate anybody with the above comment... I didn't
write it in anger, nor did I want to flame you.

Sorry if it sounded like I was blaming you for problems in my Debian
registration.  On the contrary, I've been very impressed with your
behaviour (especially joey's)... you've managed to get me registered
even through the minor catastrophes of being sent wrong PGP keys, my
e-mail getting lost, me moving from province to province, and not
having a well-known PGP key in the first place.

Thanks for your work, and best wishes,

 Gordon Matzigkeit <gord@fig.org> //\ I'm a FIG (http://www.fig.org/)
    Lovers of freedom, unite!     \// I use GNU (http://www.gnu.org/)
[Unfortunately, www.fig.org is broken.  Please stay tuned for details.]

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