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Re: GNU libc snapshots work again on the Hurd

|This must be a bug in the autoconf tests.  Why isn't strerror() in
|libc used?
|One could however argue that the sys_errlist declaration should not be
|in stdio.h.

 autoconf tests libc's symbol. I think autoconf is correct. Problem is
that inconsistency.

|    Although to use of sys_errlist is deprecated, sys_errlist &
|   _sys_errlist symbols shuould define again for consistency...
|That can never work.  Any program that will use a sys_errlist that is
|an alias for _hurd_errlist, that is compiled with a non-buggy version
|of gcc will most likely give a segmentation fault.

 Sorry,That's true. I tested `xv' which uses _sys_errlist,it couldn't
work on my modified libc.
  sys_errlist affects libiberty/strerror.c 's #ifdef,but application
didn't used its symbol.

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