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[kettenis@delius.kettenis.nl: [PATCH]5.005_54 (CONFIG) Added support for GNU/Hurd]

I just posted this message to the perl5-porters mailing list.  In
principle this is all that's needed to get the current Perl
development release working on the Hurd.

------- Start of forwarded message -------
Date: 10 Dec 1998 22:00:57 +0100
From: Mark Kettenis <kettenis@delius.kettenis.nl>
To: perl5-porters@perl.org
Subject: [PATCH]5.005_54 (CONFIG) Added support for GNU/Hurd

This patch adds support for the GNU/Hurd.  It configures and builds
OK, but there are still some tests that fail.  Most tests fail because
of OS bugs and/or because I don't have a network card which currently
means that the INET protocal family is not available.

I sent a similar patch some time ago to perlbug@perl.org, but got no
reaction.  This patch is a little different since it only adds a hints
file, and doesn't touch the Configure file.  And it is of course
against the latest test release.

Anyway, it would be great if this could be included in the next


- --- /dev/null	Thu Feb 19 16:30:24 1998
+++ perl5.005_54/hints/gnu.sh	Thu Dec 10 20:48:09 1998
@@ -0,0 +1,33 @@
+# Hints/gnu.sh
+# Last modified: Thu Dec 10 20:47:28 CET 1998
+# Mark Kettenis <kettenis@phys.uva.nl>
+# libnsl is unusable on the Hurd.
+# XXX remove this once SUNRPC is implemented.
+set `echo X "$libswanted "| sed -e 's/ nsl / /'`
+case "$optimize" in
+'') optimize='-O2' ;;
+# Flags needed to produce shared libraries.
+# Flags needed by programs that use dynamic linking.
+# The following routines are only available as stubs in GNU libc.
+# XXX remove this once metaconf detects the GNU libc stubs.
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