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OSKit. Re: open-source operating systems

OSKit has been around a long time. There was a well publicised panic
awhile back and they took it down from that URL you posted but you can
still find the last release of it mirrored around the web. The've been
saying, "next release Real Soon Now" for ages.

Guy A. Schiavone wrote:
> Here are a couple of other related links that I've encountered in my
> travels -
> RTEMS, A GPL'd  real time OS with support for Motorola PowerPC, M683x0,
> M680x0,
> Coldfire, Intel ix86, i960, MIPS R46x0, SPARC, Hitachi SH, AMD 29K, HP
> http://www.oarcorp.com/rtems/rtems.html
> Upcoming release of Flux OSKit and Fluke Kernal (Don't know if this is
> free software, but looks interesting):
> http://www.cs.utah.edu/projects/flux/
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