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Re: emacs segfaults under hurd and host name lookups fail :(

> I set up the network as instructed in the FAQ, but even trying to telnet
> anywhere gets a host name lookup failure (is this due to being in single
> user mode?).

Can you telnet to a numeric address, e.g. telnet
Can you look up an address, e.g. host www.gnu.org
It sounds like your problem might be with DNS rather than with IP
connectivity. If so, the relevant files under Linux are
/etc/resolv.conf, /etc/host.conf and /etc/hosts.

I unpacked the Hurd last night. I can't boot it because the GRUB floppy
doesn't work with my LS-120 drive. I suspect that it is misconfigured
because most boot floppies (e.g. Debian Linux) work with my LS-120
drive just the same as they work with an ordinary floppy.

I'll copy this to the list in case anyone knows of such a problem with
Hurd's GRUB. Otherwise I'll see if I can use the floppy to reinstall
GRUB onto itself (using my other machine which has an ordinary floppy
but nowhere near enough disc space for playing with Hurds).


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