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Re: more hurd problems

--On Fri, Nov 13, 1998 4:10 pm +0000 "M.C. Vernon" <mcv21@cus.cam.ac.uk>

> Com1 - that's the printer, yes?
> So would unplugging it from the machine work?
> As I don't think there are physical switches on the network card (and flu
> is bad enough to make me reluctant to take the case off to have a look)...

Com1 is unlikely to be the printer, but it might be.  In any case,
unplugging it is going to make sod-all difference...

The point is that the controllers are using the same IRQs, it doesn't matter
what's attached to them.

Almost all ethernet cards have configurable IRQ settings.  It's normally
either moving a jumper on the card, or running some special piece of
software (almost invariably DOS-only).

I'm a little surprised it works with Linux, though - I didn't think Linux
supported IRQ sharing (Win32 certainly doesn't..)


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