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Re: cross-dpkg problems

On Fri, Nov 06, 1998 at 12:20:15PM -0600, Gordon Matzigkeit wrote:
> Hi, all!
> I've finally got a working Hurd platform again, so I've been seeing
> what can be done to make it easier for people to start installing and
> using Debian GNU/Hurd packages.

Great News. I have finished some weired html pages about some hardware
"donated" to me, so I can remove it again (I assume it hangs the kernel, at
least it doesn't boot), so I'm back RSN, too.
> Basically, dpkg is not suitable for cross-platform installations,
> because the --instroot option uses the chroot call, which breaks all
> the installation scripts (i.e. they see only Hurd binaries, rather
> than the current system's).  There's no easy solution to this problem,
> aside from running dpkg under the Hurd.

Yes. Dpkg was never intended to cope with this.
> So, to bootstrap the system, I'll be putting together a simple shell
> script to extract the basic Debian packages from a non-Hurd system.
> As soon as that's done, Debian GNU/Hurd should be pretty close to
> catching up to where gnu-0.2 left off.

Mmmh. We should also investigate the boot floppies. With the basic packages
compiled, we can equally easily work from there. Check the boot floppies
package for details.
> Joey has been trying to call me recently, too, so I should be a
> registered Debian developer RSN (then Santiago and Marcus shouldn't be
> lonely anymore). ;)

Hip Hip Hurray!


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