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Re: cross-dpkg problems

> > Basically, dpkg is not suitable for cross-platform installations,
> > because the --instroot option uses the chroot call, which breaks all
> > the installation scripts (i.e. they see only Hurd binaries, rather
> > than the current system's).  There's no easy solution to this problem,
> > aside from running dpkg under the Hurd.
> Yes. Dpkg was never intended to cope with this.

This is a real shame.  Is there any likelihood of this getting improved?
It is a very useful and important feature of an installation system to be
able to wholly install a new system on a fresh filesystem without running
the new system.

Is the problem that there are "post-install" scripts and the like that are
essentially shell scripts that must be run native?  Can the installation of
files, which can be done "cleanly" to another filesystem, and the running
of scripts, be separated?  What I have in mind is doing the "install
everything on the filesystem" in a first phase that can be done from
another system writing onto the filesystem, leaving the system in a state
where you can boot up and do "dpkg --finish-install" or something or other
to have it it do the final phases that require the native system.

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