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Re: problem installing deb packages

On 22 Oct 1998, Gordon Matzigkeit wrote:

>  >> I've installed gnumach, hurd and glibc packages successfully.
>  >> However, I get the following message when trying to install
>  >> base-files, shellutils and textutils: dpkg (subprocess): unable to
>  >> execute new pre-installation script: No such file or directory
> I get this message too.
> It looks a lot like a bug with dpkg, but I don't know what is
> happening.  It is too bad that dpkg doesn't ever tell you *where* the
> `No such file or directory' was, or I'd have some idea of what to look
> at next.
> Perhaps you should file this as a bug against dpkg,

Mmm, maybe it would be better not to bother dpkg people yet unless we 
know exactly where is the fault.

I have not even tried to install base-files myself under Hurd (shame on
me, I'm base-files maintainer!), but surely I will have to do a
Hurd-specific release of it, containing the /usr -> . symlink.

In Debian, base-files is never supposed to be installed as a "new" 
package, because it is included in the base system (i.e. almost always,
dpkg -i base-files.deb is an "upgrade")  Since we do not have a "Debian
GNU/Hurd base system" yet, errors are likely to happen, so please be
patient :-)

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