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Re: This list, and the Debian/Hurd project.

On Wed, Oct 14, 1998 at 10:43:45AM -0600, James Bielman wrote:
>    Hmm.  I've been subscribed to this list for almost a week now
> and haven't yet seen any traffic. Are you all dead or just busy coding? :)

We are not dead, and some of us are busy coding, some just take a rest.

I cn only speak for myself: I can´t currently boot the hurd, and have not
investigated the reasons. My primary concern is the base system right now.
C lib, binutils, ncurses, bash, gcc...

Porting is sometimes not easy, and currently other tasks have higher
priority, for example getting slink out of the door.
>    I would love to assist in the development of Debian/Hurd, if someone
> could give me a brief overview of the status of the project.

A minimal system in deb form exists, although the installation is not
automated yet. Glibc 2.1 is expected to be usable soon, and then we can
focus on porting high level stuff.

We have no real roadmap right now, if you want to help, the first step would
be to install a hurd system on a spare partition. A cross compilation
environment is packaged in Deb form, but you need the GNUMach and hurd
header files.

Porting applications is something everyone can at least try. Testing and
debugging is also needed.

Let us know what you´d like to do.


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