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libc (was Re: I want to try HURD)

Roland McGrath <roland@frob.com> wrote:
>   When I get to the
> libc hacking, I'll discuss it on libc-hacker and with Mark.  

Is that the list where one can be notified of new libc alpha releases?
That would be swell...

> There will probably be some shared library version problems between the
> current intermediate states, your debian package state with Mark's patches,
> and what I end up with for a "finished" glibc-2.1 hurd version.  But we can

I noticed there's something going on with the versioning when I tried
to install 2.0.96.  I assume a goal is binary compatibility with 2.0,

> just deal, and bump the numbers several times if need be.  With debian

Oh, so then nothing will explode if we have a 2.0.100?

> packages set up, it should not be so bad to have to rebuild everything.

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