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Re: A couple of debian/hurd questions

Hello David!

On Thu, Aug 20, 1998 at 11:21:47PM +1000, David Maslen wrote:
> I'm cross posting this to help-hurd and debian-hurd.
> Probably bad form, but there is so little trafic on either list, I'm
> trying to convince myself that others are still interested in HURD.

We are, rest assured :)
> 5) Copy /gnu/boot/servers.boot.in to /gnu/boot/servers.boot and edit
> it to reflect your machine's configuration.

You can adjust the swap device there, as well as specify the root filesystem
format (ext2fs or ufs). More is not needed. If it already works for you, why
> hurd/init seems to be missing the /dev/console and /libexec/rc.
> The console I haven't created, yet, I think I saw a reference to
> creating devices somewhere.

The MAKEDEV script will create them for you. Look in the SETUP script of the
gnu-0.2 distribution. I can sent it to you if you like. Note that the ghhk
is minimal, in the sense that it is a starter fro developers. The gnu-0.2
distribution may work better for you.
> The /libexec/rc, I have no idea about. I assume it's a script to start 
> some processes in the startup?

It is the boot script. You can check the filesystem there etc. I wonder if
it should be in /sbin/...
> Next I installed the tar ball of dpkg that I found at.
> http://homepage.ruhr-uni-bochum.de/Marcus.Brinkmann/
> None of the dpkg commands work. The system locks up with the following 
> error, libdpkg.so.0.0 object file: no such file or directory.

Seems the libraries are not in place, and the linker can't find them. How
did you install the package? Have you followed the directions in the
README/Announcement? There are some known problems, and it is not guaranteed
to work at all. If you have a Debian system, you can also mount the
partition and use "dpkg --root=/mnt/gnu" or whatever... but be careful with
this. Installing the wrong package on the wrong system can be disasterous.
It's all in very early development yet.
Thank you,

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