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Re: Ultra5 successful install - PGX64 issues

On 04/21/2018 02:22 AM, John David Anglin wrote:
From the manual, it seems the 10BASE-T port is half duplex (CSMA/CD). The MAU interface is definitely half duplex and the word duplex is not mentioned in the manual.

I also didn't find any info about half-/full-duplex in the two manuals I have at hand for the 712/80 ("Service Handbook" and "Technical Reference Manual"). To be sure, which one did you consult?

The 10BASE-T port probably doesn't support auto negotiation, so you will need to manually set the switch port to 10BASE-T half duplex if it doesn't automatically configure to this mode
when auto negotiation fails.

Did this at first but then went for full-duplex again. Today I started with full-duplex and actively cooling the heatsink (now smoothed and with fresh thermal grease applied) of the 712/80's processor, but that didn't help alone. The issue hit me after entering the password during login.

Then I reconfigured half-duplex and tried again. The machine now worked through the whole login and I could also do an `apt update` without issues afterwards. Then I let it alone for about twenty minutes and on return I did an `apt list --upgradable` which triggered the issue again.


Some switches support a half-duplex back pressure form of flow control.

I'll try that now. According to the documentation my switch can create back-pressure as form of flow control.


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