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Re: Ultra5 successful install - PGX64 issues

On 04/14/2018 06:11 PM, Dennis Clarke wrote:
Really?  Well then .. let me see what I have that is ancient in the

How about PA-RISC?  I happen to have some superdomes kicking about but they require truely a ton of power to operate.

I assume hppa people in Debian (debian-hppa@l.d.o in CC) would appreciate testing on such gear. Not sure if those superdomes will work out of the box though. I know from my own testing that the following "smaller" machines work with Debian GNU/Linux Sid for hppa:

* 712/80
* c3700, c3750, J5600, rp2470
* c8000, rp3440

Apart from the rp3440 - and maybe also the 712/80 which showed some issue with it's built-in NIC after netbooting the Linux kernel and the OS - all machines also work diskless, which could speed up testing for you and avoid a manual Debian installation - although this could still be interesting.


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