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Re: Ultra5 successful install - PGX64 issues

On Thu, 19 Apr 2018 21:29:45 +0200
Frank Scheiner <frank.scheiner@web.de> wrote:

> Afterwards I found some older notes about this machine which mention
> no issues during diskless operation with the very same configuration 
> (kernel and possibly also userland), which made me wonder, if there's 
> maybe an issue between the machine's built-in NIC and my used 1000
> Mbit network switch. And indeed, when connecting another 100 Mbit
> network switch in between the 712/80 and the 1000 Mbit network switch
> the issue seemed to be gone and the machine stayed accessible .
> But later this week I retried the 712/80 with the current Linux
> kernel (4.15.x) and Debian userland and the issue hit me again,
> although much later and despite the 100 Mbit network switch in
> between. Looking at it I could see that the collision indicator was
> active on the switch for the port used by the 712/80. I then
> configured a singular port of the 1000 Mbit network switch to 10 Mbit
> full duplex and attached the 712/80 to it. And then the issue again
> seemed to be gone. But trying to install a package or updating the
> package cache again quickly triggered it.

You could try setting the internal NIC to half-duplex, or perhaps use a
(passive) 10BASE-T hub instead of a switch if you cannot configure that
internally, on the kernel command line, or doing it in userland is too

Kind regards,

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