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Re: Have my PA8800 back online...

On 2017-12-03, at 1:31 PM, Carlos O'Donell wrote:

> Helge, Dave,
> After a disk failure, and some memory corruption (and reseating
> memory), I have my hppa back online and building glibc again. Though
> with 8GiB of RAM, and I'll have to test more sticks to see if I can
> get this back to 12GiB. All 4 CPUs are operating fine at a claimed
> 1GHz.


> I've been away from the port for so long, but I'd like to contribute
> again. I'll have a look at the glibc master test results. Anything
> else that's critical to the port that needs help?

That is wonderful news.

> My usual process for this is:
> * Play with core tools and linux kernel.
> * Fix anything that looks wrong.

The fails from my last glibc build were:

FAIL: debug/tst-backtrace2
FAIL: debug/tst-backtrace3
FAIL: debug/tst-backtrace4
FAIL: debug/tst-backtrace5
FAIL: debug/tst-backtrace6
FAIL: elf/check-execstack
FAIL: elf/tst-audit2
FAIL: intl/tst-gettext
FAIL: nptl/tst-cleanupx4
FAIL: stdlib/tst-setcontext2
Summary of test results:
     10 FAIL
   3755 PASS
     18 XFAIL

The tst-audit2 failure is a segv.  I thought that would be easy to fix but the plugin messes up
gdb, etc.

At the the moment, gcc-8 is in stage 3 and I'm trying to go through the test failures.

Regarding the kernel, the v4.13 series was pretty good on my rp3440.  I've only run the v4.14.2 and
v4.14.3 for about 3 days.  It seems the number of random segvs has increased again and I had one

INFO: task updatedb.mlocat:5610 blocked for more than 120 seconds.
Not tainted 4.14.3+ #1
"echo 0 > /proc/sys/kernel/hung_task_timeout_secs" disables this message.
updatedb.mlocat D 0 5610 5607 0x00000010
[<00000000401636f0>] __schedule+0x318/0x650
[<0000000040163a84>] schedule+0x5c/0xe8
[<0000000040168f68>] schedule_timeout+0x1b8/0x218
[<0000000040164c48>] wait_for_common+0x140/0x228
[<0000000040164d54>] wait_for_completion+0x24/0x38
[<000000001cd27628>] xfs_buf_submit_wait+0x130/0x1e0 [xfs]
[<000000001cd2771c>] _xfs_buf_read+0x44/0xc8 [xfs]
[<000000001cd278a0>] xfs_buf_read_map+0x100/0x158 [xfs]
[<000000001cd7c890>] xfs_trans_read_buf_map+0xf8/0x2c8 [xfs]
[<000000001cd07918>] xfs_imap_to_bp+0x78/0x140 [xfs]
[<000000001cd08338>] xfs_iread+0xa8/0x2f8 [xfs]
[<000000001cd372b4>] xfs_iget+0x374/0xa28 [xfs]
[<000000001cd4603c>] xfs_lookup+0xac/0x160 [xfs]
[<000000001cd40708>] xfs_vn_lookup+0x70/0x110 [xfs]
[<0000000040304f90>] lookup_slow+0x108/0x248

Helge and I track the Debian buildd status here:
When we get time, we file packages bugs and some fixes, particularly for core tools.

Helge looks after the phantom, panama and parisc buildds.  I look after mx3210.

We have accounts at wuiet.debian.org which allow us to give-back packages that fail due to random
build failures, etc.

We communicate offline frequently on kernel issues, etc.

Alan Modra has been very helpful in maintaining binutils on hppa.

John David Anglin	dave.anglin@bell.net

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