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Have my PA8800 back online...

Helge, Dave,

After a disk failure, and some memory corruption (and reseating
memory), I have my hppa back online and building glibc again. Though
with 8GiB of RAM, and I'll have to test more sticks to see if I can
get this back to 12GiB. All 4 CPUs are operating fine at a claimed

I've been away from the port for so long, but I'd like to contribute
again. I'll have a look at the glibc master test results. Anything
else that's critical to the port that needs help?

My usual process for this is:
* Play with core tools and linux kernel.
* Fix anything that looks wrong.

I want to thank Dave for all of his patience and for the patches that
have gone upstream to continue supporting the port.

Lastly, do we have a new official package repo or is
backup.parisc-linux.org sid/* still the most recent?


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