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Re: autoconf stalls while checking "atomic builtins for 64 bit data types"

On 2017-09-26, at 5:24 PM, Christoph Biedl wrote:

>> The sync operations for double word operations were introduced in gcc on
>> 2014-11-21.
>> These require kernel support.  I suspect the stalls occur because your
>> kernel is too old and
>> doesn't support double-word atomics.
> Didn't think of such a thing, and indeed I'm running my own kernel,
> currently 4.9 and 4.13.

4.9.51 has the new lws impletation with 64-bit support.  Don't know about all 4.8 versions.  Are you running 64-bit
kernel?  32-bit kernels use slightly different code.  Your stripped test passes on bell (mx3210).  It runs 64-bit kernels.

John David Anglin	dave.anglin@bell.net

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