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Re: autoconf stalls while checking "atomic builtins for 64 bit data types"

John David Anglin wrote...

> The sync operations for double word operations were introduced in gcc on
> 2014-11-21.
> These require kernel support.  I suspect the stalls occur because your
> kernel is too old and
> doesn't support double-word atomics.

Didn't think of such a thing, and indeed I'm running my own kernel,
currently 4.9 and 4.13. Comparing the .config file to the one provided
by the Debian package I didn't see anything obvious. Do you have a
suggestion what might be missing? For the records, GENERIC_ATOMIC64 is set.

> Debian kernel from
> unstable would resolve the problem.

I'll give that a try.

> Helge can provide an account on phantom for development if necessary.

That's nice but will hopefully not be necessary. For the time being, I'm
more interested in a "same here" or "works for me" so I get a better
idea what to look for.


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