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hp 9000 C3750 hardware problem (partially off-topic)

Hello HPPA community, and forgive me for this off-topic, but I really don't know where to ask.

I have an HP C3750, and today I was moving it from the garage to a (hopefully) stable and operative position.
While moving it, I heard clicking inside it. I opened and found a tantalum capacitor loose. (photo https://drive.google.com/open?id=1l2YQZoiqVUVnl86-GgWdhghdLfpNEcwneQ ). I checked the mother board, and I suspect it detached from the position "24" on the centre left of the photo https://drive.google.com/open?id=1nKsaqQWNHBItPKLusSSTFgCYB4jNI2JQOA next to the right of that big unpopulated connector 3 x 12.

If anybody have an HP C3750, would be so kind to check if in that position there is, or not, that capacitor I found loose, and with what polarity (where is the darker band)?

Thank you all very much and sorry again for the off topic.

best regards


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