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Re: question about HP Visualize B2000

On 5/11/15 2:38 PM, Claudio Cailotto wrote:
Hi all,

I’m Claudio and I write from Verona/Italy.

I need a suggestion about an old HP PARISC workstation ( B2000 ) that I wish restore to new life

with Debian release.

I’have install , of course , some release of Debian ( from 5 to 7 ) and some OpenBsd and Gentoo.

All setting  it’s ok : partitions on the HDD’s ; root; time; net on DHCP etc etc... BUT I can’t run X !!!!

I’m a senior IT of IBM mainframe  ( AS400 and similar ) and , of course , work fine with AIX and other Unix SO like HP-UX but

this is a great nightmare !!

Have you some suggestions

Thanks for help




 Hi Claudio,

Helge Deller may have already beaten me to this but, unless you have an ATI FireGL-UX graphics card, you probably won't be able to run any kind of Xorg desktop environment. I don't even know if one would work in the old B series machines. This is the same issues I have with my J-series workstations, which have the FX and FXE series cards.

I actually have a PCI-X FireGL card, but it's not the HP-UX version and the firmware only recognizes it in console mode at low resolution. You HAVE to have the real deal for it to work, and from what Helge has told me, they don't support any kind of 3D acceleration in HPPA Linux.

Just *finding* one of these cards is almost impossible anymore, and they are generally very expensive when you do find one.

Cheers and good luck!

Dave Land

Land Computer Service  xmechanic@landcomp.net
ICQ: 676030523

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