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Re: debootstrap from parisc-linux.org

Will Deacon <will <at> willdeacon.co.uk> writes:

> I'm not sure it's possible to debootstrap from multiple archives, but I'll

debootstrap can’t do that; multistrap can. We currently have the
same problem on m68k, although using proper Debian-Ports unstable
and unreleased distributions, not some third-party site.

Also, d-i uses debootstrap.

I’ve made a subset of a combined repository available (using my
own repo management scripts, that I know work, since I made them
first for a small “addons” repo with a dozen packages for which
reprepro was overkill, but designed them to look the same to APT
like the official ones do, just not using a pool layout) from
which people can debootstrap, and put up a “base tarball” which
is basically the result of debootstrapping from it (plus adding
a kernel and such) on people.debian.org (also, for people that
trust me; PGP signed of course).

There’s no real solution yet…

As for InRelease files: delete them, if you have any, and make
sure they’re not generated any more, currently. There were some
CVE about InRelease files, and tools have stopped using them,
but not all at once, and not all in the same manner or failure
resolution mode. (In fact, I had to 'rm /var/lib/apt/lists/{*,*/*}'
before running apt-get update again, on my production systems,
to resolve this.)

Feel free to ask me directly about things like Debian-Ports,
repository management (though Steve is probably better to ask
about reprepro, and my script only scales for repositories up
to, say, two gigabytes or 300-500 packages and source packages
each), etc. since I did “it all” for m68k (which is back from
the dead, although I’d like to move on now).


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