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RE: Install hangs on HP c8000 - 'Turn off boot console ttyB0'

Since some release the device firmwares are not included as they are
non-free. I dl-et it from debian (linux-firmware-non free 0.24)
transferred on usb and dpkg - I it. (all usb working nicely, even my
hsdpa net sharing seems to work from my winmo) After restart my old 100M
NIC (using e100 driver) was working correct. It would be nice to get the
onboard 1G nic going, but it isn't a must.

The real concern now with this machine to me at least:
I tried to search this list for ati firegl X1 256p but no luck. What is
the real reason that we cannot use this even as fb only? Should any
other AGP card work or the early boot would not even recognize it? Amd
seems to have x86 drivers for it on its site.

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On Wed, May 05, 2010 at 04:23:13PM +0200, Geert Lorang wrote:
> > Actually I'm not the author of this tip... Geert Lorang told me to
> > this, but I don't have any serial card around. Anyways, it's great
to hear
> > it works. Maybe now I can convince my boss to buy one for me to do
> > tests! :-)
> >
> Few weeks ago I also succeeded in installing my C8000. Some knowledge
> can share:
> - The Intel e1000 doesn't work due to bad EEPROM checksum (not really
> case, driver thinks so)

ISTR the checksum was correct but had some quirk about it - something
like having the endianess wrong. There's a few people I can ask who

In any case, this is something I should be able to get working.
This morning I swapped my ia64 zx6000 workstation (went back to HP)
for a C8000.

> - The Debian installer initrd only has the e1000 and tg3 network

So you are saying we need something else as well?

DD's : can the installer also include acenic (tigon 1) driver please?
(64-bit PCI-66Mhz card) That should work and is in many of the
later parisc Servers.

> - I think 'we' have a newer revision of the C8000 with some (new)
> unsupported serial ports. I think they get recognized as 0x000AD 0x077
> I'm not sure of this, nor I'm able to write a device driver :)

We would need some small bits of documentation from HP to do that I
(serial port register addresses and any quirks to access them)

> I added a (64 bit) Broadcom netXtreme gigabit network card (tg3
> and a moschip 9835 serial card to my C8000, with this hardware I was
> to do a netinstall.
> If you can get the pata_sil680 module in the initrd you should be able
> install it from (IDE) CDROM. If needed I can provide you this, but we
> should get this into the Debian HPPA upstream.

Yes - as well as acenic driver and any other NIC drivers (e.g. e100)
we tested in the past.


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