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RE: Install hangs on HP c8000 - 'Turn off boot console ttyB0'

> Actually I'm not the author of this tip... Geert Lorang told me to do
> this, but I don't have any serial card around. Anyways, it's great to hear
> it works. Maybe now I can convince my boss to buy one for me to do these
> tests! :-)

Few weeks ago I also succeeded in installing my C8000. Some knowledge I
can share:

- The Intel e1000 doesn't work due to bad EEPROM checksum (not really the
case, driver thinks so)
- The Debian installer initrd only has the e1000 and tg3 network drivers
- If you buy a PCI Serial card make sure it's a real serial card and not a
"multidevice card" eg parallel + serial, this will get recognized by the
parport_serial driver and afaik you can't have a serial console on this;
Also make sure it's Universial PCI or 3,3V;
- In the installation initrd and in the 'real' kernel (after installation)
the module pata_sil680 is missing, when you recompile your kernel (include
CONFIG_PATA_SIL680) you are able to use IDE devices
- I think 'we' have a newer revision of the C8000 with some (new)
unsupported serial ports. I think they get recognized as 0x000AD 0x077 but
I'm not sure of this, nor I'm able to write a device driver :)

I added a (64 bit) Broadcom netXtreme gigabit network card (tg3 driver)
and a moschip 9835 serial card to my C8000, with this hardware I was able
to do a netinstall.

If you can get the pata_sil680 module in the initrd you should be able to
install it from (IDE) CDROM. If needed I can provide you this, but we
should get this into the Debian HPPA upstream.


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