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Re: State of openjdk on hppa

On 01/06/2010 05:26 PM, Tom Rodriguez wrote:

> No I didn't see it.  If it was only on the icedtea list then I
> wouldn't have seen it as hotspot-dev is the only one of these
> aliases that I'm on.

Oh darn, my mistake.  The shiny new Reply List button on Thunderbird 3
didn't quite do what I expected...

> By the way, I restored the other aliases to my reply so they would
> get it too.  So the computation of the location of the guard pages
> is wrong because of the direction of growth?  For instance this line
> obviously won't work right:
>   address low_addr = stack_base() - stack_size();

Right, that's it.

> There's also some code in os_linux_zero.cpp that does math on the
> stack that would need to take into account the real ABI direction.
> I think we probably need something like "int os::stack_direction()"
> to deal with this in shared code.  All the guard logic in Thread
> needs to check it as does is_in_stack and is_lock_owned.  There
> might be some logic in frame that needs to check it too but
> hopefully that will all be platform dependent logic.


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