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Re: State of openjdk on hppa

> I'm not 100% sure what the correct value of this would be for HPPA.
> The ABI stack grows upwards, but the stack Zero maintains still grows
> downwards.  If interpreter_frame_expression_stack_direction is used
> for both of these stacks then something will need changing (either a
> separate accessor, or Zero's stack direction changing to match the
> ABI stack.)

I don't really think hotspot cares which direction the ABI stack grows.  It only cares what direction the expression stack grows and that's only for frame code that it was walking over the contents of the expression stack..  I was assuming that the expression stack would follow the ABI but I guess there's no reason it must.  It's just the responsibility of the C++ intepreter to deal with that properly.  It would be nice to know what exact problem led to the initial conclusion that direction of stack growth was the problem.


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