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Re: State of openjdk on hppa

> openjdk builds on hppa, but doesn't run (yet). Andrew Haley once debugged it and found out at least one things which would need to be fixed: the assumption in the C++ interpreter that the stack always grows downwards, and not upwards as on hppa.
> please could one of the hotspot developers sched some light on this, how easy this might to be fix, and if there are other assumptions?

Could you give more detail on where exactly the direction of growth is being assumed?  I know there's an accessor in frame that's supposed to describe the direction of growth of the expression stack which is used a few places in the code:

  // expression stack (may go up or down, direction == 1 or -1)
  intptr_t* interpreter_frame_expression_stack() const;
  static  jint  interpreter_frame_expression_stack_direction();

I would think this has to be set correctly for HPPA to work.  Is it?  It's possible that the C++ interpreter would also need to consult this when pushing values for it to work correctly.


> thanks, Matthias

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