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Re: HPPA and lenny

Helge Deller schrieb am Montag, dem 15. Dezember 2008:

> Matt Taggart wrote:
> > The real problem is that no one is fixing hppa kernel problems. I don't see 
> > much point in keeping the archive up to date if nobody is working on fixing 
> > the kernel (not currently and I suspect not in the future either). This has 
> > been stated on the debian-hppa list several times over a long period and in 
> > that time no one (AFAIK) has stepped up to work on it.
> Matt,
> We have done quite some bugfixing in the last weeks and upstream
> 2.6.28-rcX works pretty well now.

What does that mean for the lenny 2.6.26 kernel?

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