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Re: HPPA and lenny

> I just installed a old hppa (c100) machine with etch. Maybe the machine
> could help as an autobuilder.
> What do you think?

A c100 is _really_ slow and probably wouldn't be able to keep up as a 

It _might_ have more luck in building some things because of the difference 
in processor type. For example during the early userspace bringup of 
Debian, 712's and b180's were used because, even though slower, they were 
much more stable because of cache differences.

The real problem is that no one is fixing hppa kernel problems. I don't see 
much point in keeping the archive up to date if nobody is working on fixing 
the kernel (not currently and I suspect not in the future either). This has 
been stated on the debian-hppa list several times over a long period and in 
that time no one (AFAIK) has stepped up to work on it.

Matt Taggart

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