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HPPA and lenny


while discussing the state of our infrastructure among some members of DSA
and the security team we once more realized how badly hppa was doing.  First
concerns about this architecture were raised at least half a year ago, and it
doesn't appear as if we are any closer to resolving them.  It doesn't look
good at all.

We do have two autobuilders, but one of them is currently down for whatever
reason (and the rsys excuse for remote management is a joke):

| [17208343.620000] awk (pid 1061): Protection id trap (code 27) at 00000000400b4763
| [17208343.712000] Backtrace:
| [17208343.740000]
(that's the complete output.)

This may or may not be related to the issue where everytime something
even remotely related to ruby gets close to the system they lock up.

At least the (random) crashing issue has to be fixed if hppa wants
to release with lenny.

We already had this discussion in June and again in October but I don't think
anything came from it.

Having little to no buildd redundancy is currently hurting us even for
etch as security updates are missing for at least perl.

(Also, the porter machine is currently down.  We cannot reach it over
the network and the serial console is just dead.)

With my DSA hat on I can say that we will not be able to provide porter
machines and buildd systems if they are not capable of running reliably.

Again, if you want to release with lenny *you* will have to fix that.

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