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Re: Bug#482902: please provide libc6-hppa64 and libc6-hppa64-dev packages

On Mon, May 26, 2008 at 01:05:49AM -0700, Matt Taggart wrote:
> > > The developer machines have been unavailable for months, so Debian
> > > developers who don't have their own hppa machine are unable to work on
> > > their own packages or fix bugs.
> > 
> > We had some machines setup and running last year....what happened to them?
> > Is lamont the only person able to support those?
> The DD accessible machine is paer.debian.org and there are a few hppa 
> buildd machines that are just accessible by the buildd folks like lamont. 
> These machines are all supported by DSA and run Debian stable.
[ snip ]

thanks for the explanation. I didn't realize it had gotten that ugly.
But I also don't see a way for us to support etch since it feels like
we barely have enough people to support kernel.org + unstable (debian).
Not unless some new folks wants to volunteer to help. I'd be happy
to review patches for this and provide guidance.

> > My impression was my and Thibaut's efforts to provide public access
> > to parisc/ia64 machines has covered the visible need.
> > But that's been informal and not a substitute for having official
> > machines up and running.
> I'm not sure how Thibaut is generating his kernels and running his 
> machines, but if he can do it in a DSA supportable manner (which means etch 
> userspace and kernel packages up to date with security patches) then maybe 
> he can help get the debian.org machines accessible again. I suspect he is 
> probably running unstable and building kernels by hand though...

Yes, as am I (though I'm not a DD).


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