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Re: Bug#482902: please provide libc6-hppa64 and libc6-hppa64-dev packages

On 5/26/2008, "Matt Taggart" <taggart@debian.org> wrote:

>I'm not sure how Thibaut is generating his kernels and running his
>machines, but if he can do it in a DSA supportable manner (which means etch
>userspace and kernel packages up to date with security patches) then maybe
>he can help get the debian.org machines accessible again. I suspect he is
>probably running unstable and building kernels by hand though...

I am running etch (sarge until last week, even), testing and unstable and
I do build my kernels by hand. I'm generally uninterested in
distribution kernels since they really don't fit my needs, which is why
I stepped down from maintaining them years ago. Yet I understand the
issue and its implications for the hppa port, so I could try tackling it
in the short term (fsvo "short", I'm afraid days last only 24h ;-P).

I'm not sure I understand this correctly though: what's needed right
now is a debian-packaged etch-supported kernel (ie, 2.6.18 if my memory
serves me right?) that works on hppa? Is it any different that the
kernel package shipped with etch? (I suspect it is since the latter is
not being used) If so, how so?

If we have that, the security issues will be dealt with by the DSA team
as usual?

While we're at it, one must not forget that 2.6.18 is IIRC exactly when
we had the CVS mess and switched to Git, which is why it's pretty hard
to track our arch-specific patches up to that particular kernel...



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