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Re: autogen 1:5.9.4-1 build failure on hppa

On Sat, Apr 12, 2008 at 01:35:15PM +0100, Bradley Smith wrote:
> Hi,
> autogen 1:5.9.4-1 is currently failing to build on the hppa buildd,
> although I've tested it on a different hppa machine and it was fine.
> The actual build was fine, the failure was in the test suite and only
> one test, the output from that test was also correct other than the
> extra line:
> 'ls: /build/buildd/autogen-5.9.4/agen5/autogen: Operation not supported'
> which is obviously causing it to fail.

This is caused by lgetxattr returning -EOPNOTSUP, because LSM is
disabled (and SELinux obviously.)

I'm not quite sure what the root cause is, but I think this shouldn't be
a failure...


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