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Re: Approval to upload gcc-defaults 1.70?

Ludovic Brenta writes:
> Now that gnat-4.3 is on all architectures, I would like to upload
> gcc-defaults 1.70 making it the default on alpha, mips and mipsel as
> for all other archs.
> As is, gcc-defaults cannot enter testing because on alpha, mips and
> mipsel, if depends on gnat-4.2 which is not in testing and has RC
> bugs.
> I've committed the necessary change in the Subversion repo but I will
> not upload without approval.  So, is it OK to upload now?

please wait until Tue. the immediate need for the upload apparently
was worked around by hinting both gnat-4.2 and gnat-4.3 into testing.

I'd like to re-ask the hppa porters, if they want to make 4.3 the
default for lenny.

A short notice from the d-r team about by-passing RC reports would be

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