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autogen 1:5.9.4-1 build failure on hppa


autogen 1:5.9.4-1 is currently failing to build on the hppa buildd,
although I've tested it on a different hppa machine and it was fine.

The actual build was fine, the failure was in the test suite and only
one test, the output from that test was also correct other than the
extra line:
'ls: /build/buildd/autogen-5.9.4/agen5/autogen: Operation not supported'
which is obviously causing it to fail.

I'm not entirely sure what is causing this problem since I could not
reproduce it on a different hppa machine, is this a problem with the
buildd? or is it just the environment? Regardless I would like to
request a rebuild of autogen in hope that this was just a one off.

The full build log is here:

Bradley Smith

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