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Re: [parisc-linux] -pie is broken on hppa

On Mon, Jun 11, 2007 at 03:03:44PM +0200, Aurelien Jarno wrote:
> > 1- glibc builds with the linuxthread and not nptl. This lead to a missing
> > symbol (__librt_multiple_threads) which let me think the activation of linuxthread
> > maybe bad.
> > The invokation is --enable-add-ons=libidn,ports linuxthreads. This part looks highly
> > suspicious to me.
> Building with linuxthreads is normal. The NPTL add-on currently breaks
> the ABI for libpthread. This has to be fixed before we can really using it.
> Note that I have the exact same build error with a 64-bit kernel, but
> not with a 32-bit kernel. Also the glibc was building successfully on a
> 64-bit kernel until very recently. I guess the change from
> linux-kernel-headers to linux-libc-dev (and with it a change from 2.6.18
> to 2.6.21 headers) has triggered the kernel bug, just like it has
> triggered the "df bug" (#427395).

I have the error while building on a 32bit kernel. Don't know why.
The point I was trying to make is the configure option should be :
whereas it is 
	--enable-add-ons=libidn,ports linuxthreads

(note the space between ports and linuxthreads instead of the ',').

Anyway, event with the correct option, I have the same error at building.

This makes me wonder when was the last build ok of the glibc ?

> > 2- when enabling the nptl add-on, the glibc builds ok but fails some tests. I don't
> > really know if it is normal or not. How do I know there is regression or not ?
> You have to compare the list of failed tests to the linuxthreads one. If
> new tests are failing, you have to investigate why and see if this is a
> regression or not.

How can I run all the tests and get a summary ?
"make check" run the tests but stops at the first failed test.
Looking at the .out files is informative but I cannot check if they are ok or not for all of them.

> Bye,
> Aurelien
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