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Re: Fail to install debian on PARISC C110

vincent young writes...

> The box's original HPUX seems to be working correctly.
> However, when I acquire the unit, it has a root login
> which I have no access to, hence I need to reinstall
> Debian and remove the original partition. I hope this
> is possible.

While it's way more fun/productive to run Debian on the machine, you could 
still recover that hpux install by booting it single user and changing the 
root password. It's been a while since I've done it, but I think when you tell 
it to boot that path and it asks "Interact with ISL?" (IPL? something like 
that) you say yes and then do something like "hpux -s". I think that will get 
you in without prompting for a root passwd (if not there is some way to do it, 
just search around).

"No security without physical security"

Matt Taggart

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