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Unable to use Sarge Netinstall CD to install Debian on HP C3000

Hi Everyone,

this is my first time trying to install Debian on a HP PA-RISC machine
and so far, it has been quite a tough experience.

I read up a lot of the docs to make sure I burnt the CD in the right
manner (http://www.parisc-linux.org/faq/burn_hppa_cd-howto.html and

Next, I followed some steps to boot the machine off the CDROM drive.
Basically, I started a search for bootable devices by typing 'sea ipl',
followed by 'bo P0' to boot off the CD.

All seems to go fine and the Penguin logo pops up. When the RAM Disk
creation starts up and the kernel starts to boot, all hell breaks loose
and I get this continuous scrolling error which states:

'modprobe: FATAL: Could not open,
/net/unix/unix.ko' : No such file or

Doing some google searching this problem doesn't seem to bear any fruit
and I did read a lot of success stories instead!

Can anyone help please?


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