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Re: Unable to use Sarge Netinstall CD to install Debian on HP C3000

On 6/6/06, Derek Chew <derekehchew@gmail.com> wrote:

this is my first time trying to install Debian on a HP PA-RISC machine
and so far, it has been quite a tough experience.

Welcome aboard!  Perhaps we can be of some assistance.

'modprobe: FATAL: Could not open,
/net/unix/unix.ko' : No such file or

This looks like the "Ramdisk too small" problem to me.

What you need to do, if I am correct, is issue 'y' to interact with
the IPL,  and then try setting ramdisk_size=32768 (or some other
appropriately larger value).

A possible successful set of kernel arguments might look like:
 0/vmlinux32 root=/dev/ram initrd=0/ramdisk ramdisk_size=32768 init=/linuxrc
 console=ttyS0 TERM=vt102

Hope this helps some.


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