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Re: Bug#353480: yaird: [hppa] /dev/sd* device nodes not created and eth0 not enabled

On Sat, Feb 18, 2006 at 09:22:14PM -0500, Jeff Bailey wrote:
> As the original author of initramfs-tools, I'm hardly in an unbiased
> position here.  =) Also, I'd hate to be the one to reopen the debate on
> the differences.  http://wiki.debian.org/InitrdReplacementOptions has a
> slightly out-of-date, but generally accurate comparison of the two.

Thanks, Jeff.
> The best I can offer is that Ubuntu used initramfs-tools for our Breezy
> release, and continues to do so for our Dapper release.  The concept in
> itself has been flexible enough for our LiveCDs, for our system bootup,
> for embedded systems using loopback images and for thin-client setups.
> hppa is one of the targets we released, so there shouldn't be any
> blockers to using initramfs-tools

Any idea which ubuntu's hppa kernels are using?


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